Firesense Pro Handheld 1.75ltr

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·         Industry leading performance on class B fires

·         Compliant for use in Rally (2.4litre)

·         Compatible on electrical equipment up to 1000V


Protrust Fire & Safety aims to provide superior firefighting solutions and improve safety across all levels of competitive motorsports.

The Firesense Pro handheld range. Utilising the revolutionary extinguishant 4Fire Universal, they offer unparalleled performance over the competition with their best in class extinguishing Class B (Flammable Liquid) & Class F (Oils & Fats) fires, compatible on electrical equipment up to 1000v at a minimum distance of 1m, making it the first choice for use in motorsports.

When fire occurs, every second counts. 4Fire has rapid fire knockdown capabilities, when paired with Protrust Solutions highly efficient application makes it a dependable and effective means to prevent damage to your property and yourself. 4Fire has excellent cooling properties, the fluid penetrates deep into materials and makes it increasingly difficult to reignite the fuels and significantly lowers the surface temperature.

Unlike conventional foam extinguishers, 4fire has anti-corrosive properties and requires minimal clean-up. It can be hosed down with water or wiped away with a damp cloth.


Firesense Pro Handheld 1.75 Litre 

Bottle length: 391mm (including the Firing Head)

Bottle Diameter: 108mm

Bottle Weight:   3.25Kg



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