2mm High-Performance Carbon Fibre Sheet 1000mm x 500mm

Protrust CompositesSKU: CFS2mmSA1000x500

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Our Carbon fibre sheet manufactured using High-Performance carbon fibre reinforcement with a toughened epoxy resin system cured under pressure and temperature to produce a carbon sheet suitable for fully structural applications whilst also having a visually smooth glossy ‘A’ surface (cosmetic) finish on one side. The cosmetic surface of the sheet uses ‘Visual’ 2x2 twill high strength carbon fibre prepreg and has an excellent high gloss smooth finish. The reverse ‘B’ side of the sheet is finished with a textured ‘peel-ply’ finish which allows ideal preparation for secondary bonding. Once our sheets have been processed after curing and before cutting to size are covered in a high-quality protective film on their ‘A’ surface side to ensure they remain in the best quality. Common applications • Motorsport: Interior & Exterior / marine / commercial • Engineering • Displays / exhibitions / shop-fitting • Cabinets / tabletops / desktops

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