Protrust FireSense+ 400ml Cannister Handheld Fire Extinguisher (with Car Sleeve)

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The Protrust Fire & Safety FireSense+ 400ml Cannister Handheld Fire Extinguisher is a compact, efficient and cost-effective extinguisher, capable of tackling A, B, F and Electrical (1000v) rated fires. This is an ideal product if you are limited with storage, due to its compact design.

The car sleeve features a Velcro strip on the back to stick to the boot or inside of your car.

Available either standalone, with a mounting bracket, with a car sleeve or a variant of 3 coloured pouches - Blue, Red or Grey.

  • A – Ordinary combustibles (wood, paper, fabrics & plastics etc.)
  • B – Flammable liquids (gasoline, grease, oil, paint, solvents etc.)
  • F – Cooking oils or fats (kitchenware etc.)
  • Electrical Fires up to 1000v

Designed by 4Fire International.

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